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Important Cruising Facts You Should Know:

Do you get better prices if you wait until the last minute?

The popularity of cruises has skyrocketed in recent years and demand sometimes exceeds supply even with the increase in number and size of new ships. Those who wait to book often have to pay higher prices on a low selections of accommodations. Some destinations, like Alaska, are often sold out months to a year in advance.

To secure preferred accommodations at the best price -- book early!

Does paying the lowest price mean a better deal?

Price is not the only factor to consider when looking at value. With cruising, the lowest price often means the least desirable destinations and the worst accommodations. Many travel companies post lower-priced staterooms to attract customers without regard to how it may affect your cruise experience. Touched by Travel will secure the best value for your vacation.

Are shorter cruises cheaper?

It’s not unusual for a four day Caribbean cruise to be less expensive than a three day cruise. This is because three-day itineraries usually operate over the weekend and four-days are mid-week. This can mean fewer guests and better prices. The same is true for longer itineraries. Pricing is based on demand. When demand is low, so are the prices.

Will I get the best deals if I do the booking myself?

If you are a seasoned cruiser, you may find some great deals. Touched by Travel’s cruise experts are continually updated on special offers and sales that may not be available to everyone. Touched by Travel can match your needs with the best available prices.

Are there any other fees besides the ticket price?

The price of your cruise ticket is only the start. There are government and destination taxes and fees, air fare, transfers, cocktails, pre- or post- night stays, tips and gratuities, wine, optional restaurants and activities, shore excursions and more to factor into the equation. Some cruise lines include some of these elements creating a much better value. Touched by Travel can help you be sure you that you fully understand all the costs associated with your cruise package.

Aren’t most cruises relatively equal?

With all the new cruise ships being introduced almost every year, each cruise line offers an array of unique offerings. Today there is simply is no such thing as a “standard” cruise. Some cruises are geared to specific age groups or specific interests. Touched by Travel can assist you in finding the best fit for you.


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